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Interior paint can not only change the color on your walls but will reflect the mood of the room and give you a clean and neat appearance to any room in your house.

Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your house will not only protect one of your biggest investments, but also adds your personal touch of color and style to your home.

We pride ourselves in taking care of your home the way we would take care of our own. 

Power Washing

At Triangle Area Painting we believe a clean home is a happy home. Our power washing solution leaves your home looking refreshed and renewed. We always power wash before painting so we have a nice clean slate to paint on. If you would like to just have power washing without the whole house painting we can do that too!


Exterior carpentry is a vital part of the painting process. We do not believe that exterior rotting or water damaged siding or trim should just be ignored, This will only create more damage in the future. We will carefully inspect and give you a

written detailed estimate of any carpentry found during the estimate. If there is any unforeseen damage found after time of initial inspection, you will be notified of the damage and any additional cost before any extra work is done. No surprises for you or your wallet at Invoice time.

Deck Restoration & Staining

Outdoor wooden decks can be a beautiful and functional extension of your home and provide a relaxing place for your family and friends to enjoy. Unfortunately, they can also quickly become an eyesore or maintenance nightmare if they are left unprotected. Our complete restoration services can restore your old weathered deck to its original glory and ensure that it stays that way for years to come.

Tool Icons

Drywall Repairs 

 Nail pops, stress cracks, unwanted nail holes are all things that Triangle Area Painting repairs prior to painting. We believe if the wall prep is done right before the painting begins then the final painting product will be 100%. We pride ourselves on prepping all walls, ceilings and trim the right way!